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A Comprehensive Guide to Canine Vaccines

Ensuring your canine companion’s health and happiness is your top priority as a dog owner. In addition to food, shelter, and a lifetime of devotion, vaccinations are an essential component of your dog’s well-being. Vaccinations play a crucial role in safeguarding dogs against various diseases, some of which can be potentially fatal or transmitted to [...]

Oh, My Beating Heart: Heartworm Disease and Prevention in Pets

As we gear up for warmer weather and longer days, we all are likely looking forward to spending more time outdoors. Unfortunately, spending time outside also means being exposed to all sorts of creepy crawlies, including pesky mosquitoes. While mosquito bites are usually only itchy and uncomfortable for us, they can pose a serious health [...]

Common Household Items that Endanger Your Pet

Our homes are sanctuaries filled with love, comfort—and pets. But hidden throughout our home, often hidden in plain sight, lie many everyday items that harbor toxins that seriously threaten our beloved pets. At Adamson Veterinary Services, we're passionate about empowering pet owners with the knowledge to shield their animals from these unseen risks, so we [...]

Top 10 Signs Your Pet May Have Periodontal Disease

Whether you’re new to caring for a pet or you’re a seasoned dog or cat owner, you’re likely aware of dental or periodontal disease in pets. Let’s break down this disease name’s meaning: Perio- relates to surrounding or supporting; whereas -dontal, refers to the teeth. Therefore, periodontal disease involves any problems associated with the teeth [...]

Cold-Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Ohio’s winter brings chilly temperatures, icy sidewalks, and snow-covered landscapes, and while your four-legged friend may have a fur coat, pets are not immune to the cold. Whether you own a tiny Chihuahua who trembles at the first draft of cool air or a fluffy malamute who would spend all day in the snow if [...]

Swipe Right: How to Choose Your Next Pet

Choosing the right pet for your family is a decision that requires a lot of consideration and often some compromise. While many families welcome a new pet into their families based on emotional, knee-jerk decisions, this heartfelt choice does not always result in the best match to ensure a lifetime of love and companionship.  Before [...]

Paws Off: 3 Thanksgiving Foods That Can Harm Your Pet

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and celebrate life’s joys and blessings. While this festive season is full of meaning for many families, your pet is less sentimental and would like nothing more than to snag that delicious-smelling turkey and have their own special feast. While we can’t blame them for wanting [...]

Fact or Fiction: Feline Arthritis Edition

Cats are mysterious creatures who are challenging to understand. That characteristic is certainly obvious when trying to identify and diagnose feline arthritis, because cats typically hide pain and impaired mobility signs. To help you learn to recognize your feline friend’s subtle arthritis signs, our Adamson Veterinary Services team separates fact from fiction, teaching you about [...]

Going Out in a Blaze of Orange: Hunting Season Safety Tips for Pets

September is a busy month for hunters, as seasons open for squirrels, waterfowl, migratory birds, and white-tailed deer. As hunters begin scoping out prime locations and setting up blinds and tree stands, pet owners need to be aware of the risks of wandering through a hunter’s domain. While ethical hunters will not shoot unless they [...]

5 Causes and Management of Stress in Cats

Cats and dogs are often assigned human emotions and feelings. While they can feel similar emotions to some extent, they do not act out because they’re upset with you. They are more likely suffering from a medical condition, behavior problem, or stress and anxiety.  Cats in particular are greatly affected by stress, which can manifest [...]

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