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Going Out in a Blaze of Orange: Hunting Season Safety Tips for Pets

September is a busy month for hunters, as seasons open for squirrels, waterfowl, migratory birds, and white-tailed deer. As hunters begin scoping out prime locations and setting up blinds and tree stands, pet owners need to be aware of the risks of wandering through a hunter’s domain. While ethical hunters will not shoot unless they [...]

5 Causes and Management of Stress in Cats

Cats and dogs are often assigned human emotions and feelings. While they can feel similar emotions to some extent, they do not act out because they’re upset with you. They are more likely suffering from a medical condition, behavior problem, or stress and anxiety.  Cats in particular are greatly affected by stress, which can manifest [...]

10 Warning Signs from Your Pet That They Need a Vet

Most pets are stoic and rarely complain about their aches, pains, and illnesses, instead choosing to voice their objections over their half-empty food bowl and already-occupied favorite chair. Because of your furry pal’s normal nature of hiding illness or injury signs, determining whether they need veterinary care can be tough. Since your four-legged friend can’t [...]

When Pests Poison Pets: Rodenticide Toxicity in Pets

Rodenticide toxicity in pets typically is more common during colder months because mice and rats seek shelter in homes and garages. However, pets still can run across rodenticides when they spend more time exploring outdoors or hanging out in the garage with their family. Keep in mind that if your pet eats an animal killed [...]

4 Reasons Why Your Pet Constantly Itches and Scratches

Itchy skin in pets is often attributed to an allergy, but many other skin maladies could be to blame. While allergies and itchiness are often treated in similar ways, your pet’s itch won’t resolve completely unless you find the true underlying cause. The Adamson Veterinary Services team members are skilled detectives who can get to [...]

A Tick-y Situation—Lyme Disease in Pets

Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that affects pets and humans alike. Although once confined to the northeastern United States, Lyme disease has come to the midwestern states through migrating wildlife and climate change. The Adamson Veterinary Services team wants to ensure you know everything necessary to protect your pet and yourself from this rising [...]

Reduce the Impact of Chronic Kidney Disease with Early Detection

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and chronic renal failure (CRF) are interchangeable terms that describe progressive kidney damage and reduced kidney function in dogs and cats. Prevalence is low in the general pet population, but rises significantly with age, and is more commonly seen in older cats than dogs. An estimated 30% to 50% of cats [...]

Pet Dental Health Awareness

The majority of pets have some degree of dental disease by age 3, and oral infections can lead to significant health problems for your pet. Proper dental care is key to your pet’s overall health, so our Adamson Veterinary Services team is raising awareness about pet dental health to ensure your pet’s mouth stays clean [...]

New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

January 1 is a great day to reflect on the past 365 days and set positive and healthy intentions for the year ahead. If you’re making New Year’s resolutions for yourself, why not make a few for your pet, as well? Check out these fun and functional resolution ideas from Adamson Veterinary Services.  #1: Your [...]

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