In-House Laboratory

Our In-House lab provides a wide range of laboratory procedures which aid your veterinarian in conducting the diagnosis treatment, and management of patients. Making sure that results are accurate and timely ensures that patients have access to the best care as quickly as possible. A significant percentage of medical decisions depend entirely on laboratory test results. It is only natural that quality is always our highest priority. In-House Laboratory tests are valuable, effective, and efficient, they provide highly accurate diagnostic or prognostic information for clinical decision making, they contribute to improved patient care, allowing your veterinarian to follow the needs of the patient more closely. +

X-rays (Radiology)

Our onsite Digital X-ray and digital Dental X-ray allows us to complete examinations and diagnostics in a timely manner. Clients find this helpful and convenient. Patients seen in our Urgent Care, will receive a copy of their labs and Digital X-ray to return to their regular Doctor. When necessary, the digital platform allows for additional consultation with other doctors and specialists. +


At Adamson Veterinary Services, we use Ultrasounds to look beneath the surface at soft tissue structures such as internal organs. We can also use Ultrasounds, also known as Sonograms, to search for potential growths or to see if your pet is possibly pregnant. Ultrasound is an incredibly useful tool for veterinary offices as it allows us to safely peer within without using radiation, as would be the case for X-Rays. +