Salem has needed an urgent care and emergency room for pets for many years. We are proud to announce that our After Hour Urgent care and Emergency Room is now open from 5 pm through MIDNIGHT on Friday and Monday and 4 pm through MIDNIGHT on Saturday and Sunday. This is the next “baby step” into becoming a 24 hour hospital. With community support, we should be up and running 24 hours, 7 days a week by the middle of 2019, if not sooner. The hospital has an experienced team of staff and doctors to care for all patients. The ER will treat any patient from any veterinarian and refer them back to their vet for follow-ups with copies of records, labs and radiographs. We educate all clients and make sure they understand the pet’s problems, treatments, and prognosis. Our job is to work in partnership with their veterinarian, to provide them with the best care.

The Daytime hospital is different than the after hour ER. Our clients are very important to us and their pets are offered first available appointments for wellness, sick, and urgent care, seven days a week. Other veterinarian clients are also important to us and appointments for sick and urgent care will be available also on a first available basis, 7 days a week. However, we do not provide wellness care for other veterinarians’ clients. All wellness, sick and urgent care cases are booked as appointments, but emergency cases can be walk ins.

Our newly renovated facility includes dedicated areas for communicable diseases, general treatment, as well as areas for intensive care and critical care cases, two surgery suites, and an in-house laboratory and fully stocked pharmacy. Our open-concept reception area provides generous seating and a relaxing atmosphere for both clients and pets.

With our extended weekend hours, we can see more patients and provide better medicine.